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imageTis a love/hate relationship that the blogosphere and I share. In my teens, I had a blog I loved, but I ran in a local election in my early twenties and it was far easier to delete the blog than vet it.

But I missed it, I did. So a few years later, I returned. I jumped on Tumblr, only to be dismayed by the mountain of rubbish that people posted. There are some quality blogs on there I’m sure, but the cons out-weighed the pros and once again I disappeared from the blogosphere.

Then after a few years passed, I gave it some good thought. I weighed it all up and decided I miss it too much. Hence, I’m back with a new blog!

So I shall take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Clare. I’m 30 and I live in beautiful Gippsland, Australia. I am a bit of a pollie wag (which only means my husband works in politics both as a comms guy and as an elected person. I have to go to events and watch ‘Q and A’ a lot). I am an author and ghostwriter, photographer and avid observer of life. I love finding patches of paradise and exploring them with friends and a camera. I love love. I am perhaps a nerd, but that’s ok. It’s probably even a bit fashionable these days! But Game of Thrones and Doctor Who aren’t my poison. Apps are. Photography gear is. Books, oh my gosh books, are.

It’s this that I hope to share on this blog. Smile – that’s about loving life and living it well. Click – is about all things photography related. You will spot some of my work on here, my geek-outs, my inspirations. That sort of thing. Write is about life as an author and full-time writer – a job I thought I’d have to wait until retirement to enjoy.

I’d be delighted if you’d connect with me, drop by this blog or make it one of your favourites. I look forward to a new, perhaps permanent relationship with the blogosphere this time!

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  1. Welcome back! Tumblr isn’t really a blog, it’s more of a social networking site. But you’re now on wordpress, and this is where the serious blogging is 🙂

    1. Hey Jeyna,
      Yes I’m sure! Feeling the love from the WordPress community already which means I’m all the more sure. I see you are a fantasy writer too! Nice to meet you.

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