Weekends and Storyboards

imageGood evening!

I hope your weekend was wonderful! Mine passed with typical swiftness which I don’t know how to interpret. Either “time flies when you’re having fun” or I’m just getting old. I’m going to go with option A there!

Having finished uni for the semester, I have about five weeks to write like fury on my two big pieces: 1) a young adult fiction piece and 2) a piece I’m ghostwriting on functional neurology. Small problem – I was totally blocked up on the YA fiction piece. I hadn’t been able to spend time on it over a particularly demanding semester (I’m doing a masters in comms), and I kinda blame that. But details aside, writers block is writers block. It sucks no matter what caused it.

I had started the YA fiction piece twice, one I’d even gotten to 30000 words before i realised I had essentially lost one of the main characters. Like poof! Gone. I just didn’t know why he was in my story anymore – and yet in the beginning he was the story. I deleted it and started again. Again.

So this weekend was the first time I’ve story-boarded anything! Usually I’m a ‘stream of consciousness, see where it takes you’ girl. But in this case, I got my two block-breakers together, obtained copious amounts of chocolate and brainstormed.

The result – post it notes all over my study but I’m through the block.

I’m hoping the next few weeks will see some good writing come out. I’m aware that first drafts are always a bit rubbish, but I think I’m cheating that as I’ve already started once or twice. Surely this is draft three!

Honestly, the story-boarding was fun! Helped me focus in on motivations, crises, and main characters that I’d lost! Perhaps an over-indulgence in the chocolate, but I am really not sure if I care. It was just nice to be able to visualise it all again.

I’m off and running!

Tell me – what do you do to get through writers block?



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