On School Holidays and Trespassing

Blog 3It’s school holidays for this Uni student – although I can’t believe that at age 30, I’m back to being a uni student. It grates on me just a little bit. After nearly frying my brain with some seriously heavy intellectual capital creation this semester, my husband has put me on strict orders to ‘enjoy myself’ this semester break.

Right. So what does that mean? I’m still going to write like fury on two of my projects, but I’m also going to take my camera out for a few whirls before it becomes the less cute sibling in my photography bag. Yes. I’m upgrading. To make matters worse, I’m going from a Canon 550D to a Nikon D800.

Yes, thats like driving a Ford all your life and then switching to Holden. Or vice versa depending on which way you swing. It’s big, either way. What’s even bigger is that I am switching from the versatility of a telephoto lenses to the sharp, lightweight nature of the primes. I know right. Big!

I loved my Canon 550D. It introduced me to the wide, wonderful world through the lens. On my Canon, I shot my first weddings and engagements. I travelled. I explored my garden and found little wonderful things I wouldn’t have noticed apart from that beautiful macro adapter.

But its time. I need to say goodbye to the cropped sensor and move to full frame. And I can’t wait!

The Canon is about to become the second camera and the Nikon will be the main. So, like a parent preparing for the birth of a second child and hoping the first won’t get jealous, I’m spending more quality time with my Canon. (Disclaimer: I’m not crazy. I know my camera’s aren’t people!)

My sisters and I have this game where we go off on road trips in search of beauty. I drive. They look. When they spot something and yell “PULL OVER” I oblige. It’s actually wonderful. I’m often so busy and sidetracked that I don’t take notice of the beauty that surrounds me and fail to really be in the ‘now.’ This helps. I live in Gippsland and its truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. But I am also a writer. So when I am creating new worlds in my mind and bringing to life the characters that live in them, its nice to make time to enjoy your own world.

So that brings me to the term ‘trespassing’ in the title of this blog. Yes, we trespassed. I said it. I also felt guilty, but the rolling hills, beautiful cliffs and jonquils growing wild meant that we simply had to jump the fence a few months ago! We didn’t know who owned the property, but it was big enough for them not to notice us. I still felt guilty though. Because I’m a square. There, I said that too!

On the weekend, hubby and I were invited to a bonfire – and the mother of all bonfires at that. It was huge! As we were following directions to my friends house, I noticed we were taking a familiar track. We turned off road and were do you think we ended up? The very property we trespassed on! I had a good old laugh. Turns out that, even though I had known this girl for ages, I never knew where she lived.

Guilt absolved. Safe to say I’ll be trespassing again!

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