Self-Publishing – The Promotion Bit


Any other self-published authors out there? How do you find the promotion bit?

I hate it! I love writing. It’s what makes me tick. I think about my characters when I get up in the morning. I think about them when I go to bed at night. I nag my husband with scenarios and scenes. When it comes to editing, its a necessary evil and by the time I’m editing I never want to see the book again…

…and then it arrives in print and I remember all the things I loved about it. Writing is such a roller-coaster – and I love it.

But when it comes to promotion – I hate it. The idea of calling up a book store and saying “How about an author appearance” or about any of the other promotion methods, it just feels weird. Perhaps its because it seems ‘Unaustralian’ to blow your own trumpet and say things like “It’s fiction, but its changing lives.” I don’t know, but I find it hard.

Anyone else out there agree with me? What do you do?

I’m interested in hearing from other authors/bloggers about this. What methods do you use? We are currently going through Westbow Press, which is a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. Its a hybrid publishing label so I retain the rights, and they do market the book too. I just don’t want to leave it all to the brand as I know that success or failure still rests solely on the author.

SO! I’m open to advice! What do you do that works?


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5 thoughts on “Self-Publishing – The Promotion Bit

Add yours

    1. I am starting to think writing the book is only 10% of the effort! Oh well – Just part of the adventure, right? By the way, I’m loving your blog! I think perhaps great minds think alike when it comes to website skins too…am I right?

  1. I hear you talking! I find promotion uncomfortable too. I actually enjoy events where I talk to people and sign books, but I hate the initial request part. “Please carry my book.” Please review my book.” Please buy my book.” And trying to master social media as a marketing tool is really tough too.
    I also am with a hybrid publisher, but the marketing is 99% up to the author. Barely leaves time for writing…which is what I want to be doing!
    Keep on truckin’…..
    p.s. Thanks for following What a Heart Can Hold

    1. Ah! Another hybrid publisher! Who did you go through? What did you think of them? Etc. I’m really interested! I’m also really enjoying connecting with other authors on here! My Kindle is due for a big update but I am trying to control myself until the first draft of my next book is done. Its hard!

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