Book Two Blues


I read a Forbes article during the week that basically stated that the best thing authors can do to get their book out there is write more books! Yay! Right?

My first book has been getting rave reviews – although it really needs to find a wider market. Hopefully Westbow Press will help with that. I have been hearing people say “This book changed my life/perspective etc.” One dear lady innocently said to me “I loved it! I gave it to all my friends to read. They loved it. But how do you top that?!”

Short answer: I don’t know!

My hubby keeps on telling people that my new one is like Tom Clancy meets Frank Peretti – two of my favourite authors! If I could weave CS Lewis in their, I’d be pretty darn happy! But then there is the nagging self-doubt all authors (must surely) experience – what if this book isn’t as good as it’s cracked up to be? What if it isn’t as good as the first?

I suppose the answer is to just keep writing, and to plug on with another draft and then another. I wasn’t going to have any test readers this time but I’ve given in. I have three. Last time I ended up with twelve!

So other writers! What do you think about the second book blues?



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