…And Uni’s Back



It had to happen eventually. School holidays would have to end. I would have to stop living my idyllic life of the follow routine:

– Coffee

– Write Book A for a few hours

– Lunch

– Write book B for a few hours

– Think about housework

– Forget about housework

– Eat and enjoy life

It’s over now. Uni is back. So now Book B is likely to suffer for a few weeks while I finish the last two units of my Grad. Dip in Professional Writing and Editing. It was a Masters in Communications, but I realised that my dream of getting a Master degree was getting in the way of my dream of finishing the Trilogy I’ve just started.

So I am thinking about finishing it for four years – and then I might or might not. But for now a Grad Dip is fine.

Balancing all these different aspects is interesting and I am sure that writing on book b will grind to a halt during assignment time, but for now its working out okay.

One of my uni subjects is the second of a fiction writing pair and its super interesting – writing exercises are paired with technical stuff and some questions about why we write. One really interesting question was asked this week though:

What do you wish someone would write a book about? Is that person you? Why or why not?

How interesting is that? I started typing out the book I wish someone would write and then asked myself the next two questions – seriously interesting.

What do you think? What book do you think someone should write?

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