PNG Here I Come



How are you? I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing. Mine was – interesting!

I was sitting in church listening to my Dad (a Pastor) preach. He was delivering a point about how we must be available for God. How we must be in a position to hear God and do what he wants us to do. Like Mary, when she was chosen by God to bear his Son. Of all in her generation, what was it about her? There would have been many things, but one of them was her response “Let it be done to me according to your will.”

Now, it was a good point to start off with. Then came this clanger:

“God pinned Clare down and she wrote this book – The Shadows Where We Walk. It was a big job but she did it. She was available to God! Now, in PNG, it is taking off and the younger generation are really getting inspired by the word. So Clare is going to PNG for a youth conference in September…oh, I haven’t asked her yet. But she’ll go.”

Gasp! It sure was news to me! How wonderful to hear that Shadows is inspiring people overseas! Especially young people who perhaps had been struggling to understand the spirit world that exists around them and over them. That bit, I was thrilled about! Travel, I am also thrilled about. Dear friends of ours live in Port Moresby and are in government over there so the team that goes with me will be well protected. One of my best friends is also from PNG. We were lucky enough to steal her when she married another one of my friends and moved to Australia.

The thing I am nervous about is speaking at a youth conference. It’s already spinning around in my head and will be until the event plays out. But after listening to that message about being available for God – I can’t exactly say no, now can I?

Bring on the adventure I say! Woohoo!

P.S. So who wants to come to PNG in September? It’s gonna be epic


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