Writing Tip: Get Journaling

Hey all, Hows things? How are you? Whats happening? I feel so out of the loop when I'm not blogging. Is that sad? I don't know why that is, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I finish blogging and I start checking what is popping up on my reader.... Continue Reading →

Unbreaking My Brain – Part 1

Many of you read my post "The Year my Brain Broke." I am planning on following it up with the steps I am taking to reclaim my brain. It's working so far! This is the first of the follow-ups. I'm calling this the 'guilt' post. Perhaps some of you out there can relate to this... Continue Reading →

A little wisdom for the day:

If you're calling to see if a stranger will sell you the domain name they bought but didn't develop, check to see where they live. Apparently there is some time difference between Australia and North Carolina!

To Build A Story: The Big Bang

Some good thoughts in here

Coffee. Write. Repeat.

If you’re a writer, the climax of the story is the easy part. Right?

Just add some blood and guts, raise the body count, and throw in an explosion or two.

This is all good and exciting, which a climax should be, but it’s not always right. A climax is not just the moment of high action, big bang in the story. It’s the moment when everything in your core conflict and plotline, comes together, in a dramatic way.

Take, for instance, my original manuscript. I originally wrote the climax as the moment (spoiler) where the emperor sends his army in to crush the rebellion and enslave everyone. Which was all epic and dramatic, with bombs dropped, people screaming, bodies everywhere, and all your good usual climax stuff.

But the core conflict in this story wasn’t Falcon trying to stop the emperor and save her city from doom. The core…

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