Writing Tip: Get Journaling

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Hey all,

Hows things? How are you? Whats happening? I feel so out of the loop when I’m not blogging. Is that sad? I don’t know why that is, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I finish blogging and I start checking what is popping up on my reader. There are some seriously interesting blogs out there! Bravo guys and girls who write them!

I just wanted to pop a quick writing tip up for you – its an unlikely one. I actually hated it. I rolled my eyes when my lecturer suggested it. But now that I got my stuff together and tried it out, it works! Its journaling.

Yeah I hear you. You stopped journaling when you stopped being a teenage girl. You accepted that you were never going to have your diary published like Anne Frank did and you are a little bit thankful your life wasn’t so tumultuous as hers was (May she rest in peace, the beautiful soul).

No. Journaling works. It’s not so much so you can write down what you think about people or what write any deep dark secrets. Its so you can experiment with different ways of recounting events, find interesting and innovative ways of presenting the intangible on paper, and generally get in touch with your voice.

I hate writing to writing prompts. I really do. But I realised that when I am only writing one single story for an entire year, I can forget to stretch myself or reinvent anything. My writing gets stale. But this new writing prompt – the journal – is actually genius for getting through that!

Just thought I’d pass on the tip! Happy Writing People!



P.S. The picture seems irrelevant. But its my journal. And chocolate that said “love your insides.” I thought it was ironic that my chocolate was telling me that.


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