Ten Fans


Hey all,

Hows thing? It’s been a bit crazy over here at Casa Clare but we keep on trucking. I love my job! I mean, who gets to say that, at age 30 (yes, I confess it), I get to live my dream and write for a living. It’s truly fabulous.

But some days its hard. Yesterday was one of those days. I sat at my desk for hours pouring over a whole lot of stuff and just didn’t get  much done. At the end of it all, I gave up. I threw in the towel and not feeling great about my efforts at all, trudged to the supermarket. It was there that the first of two wonderful, serendipitous things happened.

I ran into a friend. No big deal right? Wrong. He is a health practitioner and is currently doing advanced study in a similar area to that which I am writing on. He told me that even the course is a big deal – that people have to take regular breaks to make sure they can actually absorb new information. It made me realise that its okay to take a break! Sometimes you just can’t push your brain past the point of ‘enough.’ So I decided to go for a walk instead…and watch an episode of my current favourite TV show, secure in the knowledge that I am allowed to take a break.

I dont’ have a boss standing over my shoulder to tell me that. So sometimes I just push myself too far. I know that this book I am writing will change a lot of lives. In fact, it’s already changing lives pre-release. To be able to be part of a movement that changes the way people look at health is amazing. But its also daunting some days as I obsess over writing it perfectly.

The second thing that happened yesterday was an after dark knock at the door. Hubby answered as he always does at night, and then told me it was for me. I got to the back door and there were shouts of “Surprise! From your biggest fans.” I looked out into my yard and saw my sister and one of my best friends – and about ten fans. I have no idea where they got them and they had to go return them after the surprise (and the photo), but gosh it made my day. There were standing fans, floor fans, large ones, small ones. You name it.

It was hilarious. But also motivating. As a writer, I have always striven to write things that matter – books that matter, stories that change peoples perspectives, that challenge or validate. But as a creative person, sometimes you question yourself.

The girls didn’t know that when they went and dumped then fans on my back doorstep. They just decided to do something to let me know that its important I keep going.

So yeah – a couple of little stories that just might mean something to other writers out there. They sure picked me up 🙂


P.S. How do you take a pic that relates to this story? You don’t! But I thought I’d put one up anyway. This is me and some of my besties – who always seem to remind me of what is important.




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