The Bit Where This Writer Hyperventilates


Morning all! I congratulated myself on actually getting to my desk by 9:30am this morning and then realised that I have let a whole 35 minutes lapse while I did nothing. Yes, a 9:30 start time might not be an achievement for most people, but it is for me. Because 1) I work from home and that is terrible for discipline and 2) because I’m on the upward curve from long term adrenal fatigue. So excuse me while I high-five myself!

As my followers know, I am currently writing two books: One for me and one for someone else. We are a big 30 days out from when I hoped to have the first drafts of both finished. Right now, I’m on track for the functional neurology book, but nowhere near done on the other. I guess that’s okay because I only have hundreds, not thousands waiting on my second novel. But I’ll admit its a bit annoying for me. I want to get it done! I need to know what happens with my characters.

The thing is, I have discovered its a bit difficult to eat, sleep and breathe two completely different books. I have to get totally obsessed with them both and I can’t shift my concentration that easily. So I decided to bench my novel for the next month. By the end of the month, I’ll have finished the neurology manuscript and gotten it off to the test readers so we can get their feedback and commence massive rewrites in December. That gives me a month to get down into the nitty gritty of the novel.

Oh did I mention I took a job with a Member of Parliament two days per week until the November 29 election. Sucker for punishment, much?

So the next couple of months sees me finishing the second year of my Masters degree which I will then defer for a year, starting and then finishing the MP job, going overseas for a conference, finishing a neurology manuscript, commencing publicist and marketing roles including the collateral acquisition, possible product lines and practitioner certification programs. I won’t be doing it myself thank God, but there’s a lot floating around in this ol’ brain of mine.

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase extra IQ points and brain processing speed? That’d be great.

I’ll try to blog! Mostly for my own sanity. And also because the wordpress community rocks.


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