Prayers for Sydney

My what kind of a day it has been. Today my peace-loving country grieves the loss of two innocents, gunned down in a siege when they were just ordering their morning coffee. I'm not going to put up a big blog post about it. I just wanted to say a few things: May the innocent... Continue Reading →

Before You Hire a Ghostwriter

"What do you do with yourself?" asks the man/woman. "I'm a ghostwriter. I am currently writing a *Insert book type here* for a client and completing my second novel for myself" I reply with a smile. "What do you do?" "Oh you're a writer. Great. I'm going to write a book. You can write it... Continue Reading →

Let a girl dream…

What a week has passed! It started with a red-eye flight to Kuala Lumpur, where I sat sandwiched between a three year old stranger and her mum, and my vomitting husband.  The fasten-seat-belt sign had stayed illuminated through-out the whole flight. Husband gave in to his motion sickness pretty early in. I'd have gotten up... Continue Reading →

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