Let a girl dream…


What a week has passed! It started with a red-eye flight to Kuala Lumpur, where I sat sandwiched between a three year old stranger and her mum, and my vomitting husband.  The fasten-seat-belt sign had stayed illuminated through-out the whole flight. Husband gave in to his motion sickness pretty early in. I’d have gotten up and given him some space, as that is all he wants when he is sick, but little Miss 3 and her mum were fast asleep and I couldn’t get past. So I sat there, roused from my sleep every few minutes by the sound of (ew!) beside me.  I’m no good at the “In sickness” part of “In sickness and in health.” I try, but I’m useless.

I couldn’t be mad at Miss 3 or her mum for sandwiching me in. Miss 3 was delightful. She even offered me her pink pillow to use because “It gives you sweeter dreams.” I couldn’t be mad at husband because who likes to be sick.

We were on our way to a conference in Muar, Malaysia. It’s always fun! As much as the conference material pushes you as close to information overload as you are likely to get, its inspirational. The forty-odd countries that attend make it like an international reunion of old friends and I love it. But we could only stay for three and a half days of the seven, because a state election beckoned back home.

So we hopped another red-eye (no vomitting this time) and arrived bleary-eyed to the polling booths on election day, ready to hand out leaflets.

Our guy won. His seat is safe as houses. But our party (the Vic Coalition made up of the Liberal and National Parties) lost spectacularly. Up until election day, Hubby and I had been working for the Coalition. I worked for one party. He worked for the other. We both had contracts that ended when Victorians went to vote. But it was still an utter shock when my boss lost his seat – one that had been held by the conservatives forever. Well, since government began in Victoria.

So while the losing Parties think about what went wrong, here are my thoughts:

–      I’m shocked. But I’m okay. I took the job because I needed people in my week. I think this little shock forces me to get back to what I am meant to be doing – writing “The Remnant” which is my follow up novel and the beginning of a new trilogy. I’ll be posting previews on this blog soon.

–      It’s time for a new breed of leader to rise in Australia. The world has changed. We can’t campaign on what the other guy does wrong anymore. The world wants vision, values, and a leader who speaks to something on the inside of them, not just to their hip pocket.

–      We dream of a leader who governs for the next generation, not just the next election.

Maybe the above-mentioned leader comes in the form of a political leader. Maybe it doesn’t. Either way, we need to understand that if we want to see a change in our community, our state, our nation, our family, or our friendship group, there is only one person we can look at – the one in the mirror. We can’t wait for anyone else to change the world for us.

So here I am, back at my desk. It’s piled high with books I’m taking to Papua New Guinea next fortnight (Yay! Finally!) and books I need to do the mother of all reference lists for the ghosted book. The travel bag is yet to be unpacked. The chicken I so unwisely left in the fridge before I left has me living in fear of opening my (horribly smelly) fridge. But I’m back where I need to be – writing.

It’s a fact: I can’t be an author and have an impeccable house. I’m okay with that.

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