A Few Favourite Photos

Soooo I have come to a realisation. This blog was supposed to be about life, writing and photography…and I hardly ever post on life or photography! So this post is a bit of both. I am making an effort to get my camera out more often. I love snapping moments. It makes me happy. So!
Here are my top six shots for the week.

Banner: the Sound desk. I just love the switches and colours. Ahhh the simple things.
1. A friends bub. He’s a smiley one now
2. Joel the bassist. He’s not a fan of photos but I don’t care
3. My baby sister (who is now 18) making lots of dots on paper. I could try that and it would look lousy!
4. The nephew. Took the cutie to the farm and he got to pretend to drive the tractor.
5. A gorgeous table centrepiece made by sister #1 out of jars, leaves and stuff she found around the house. She does elegance well.
6. A rusty old gate by an overgrown paddock near sunset.








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