Guess What!

Hello People!

It’s a sunny day in Australia and its still January so I am taking care of one of my New Years Resolutions.

I’m fixing my digital footprint.

You see, I had all this little brands all over the place. My digital footprint looked like this:

– I had Clare McIvor Photography for my Photography business

– Hubby and I have Heartland Creative

– I have my author webpage which was a struggle to keep fresh because it was all about one title.

– I had Smile Click Write for fun

– and then there were all of the Facebook accounts that tied in.

Twas messy. Twas not fun. So I’m fixing it. Smile Click Write will become in the days to follow. It will have a fresh look, and will have all the book stuff on here, but I will continue to blog about writing, life and photography just like I have been. Thanks to all my followers for making this one the blog I love. I’m staying here. I’m not changing much apart from the theme (as in appearance) and the addition of the book pages. With another title or two to be released this year, there is a lot of fun coming up!

Everything else goes onto Heartland Creative. My photography business will be there, as will my ghostwriting.

SO! Case in point. Smile Click Write is getting a fresh injection of imagery and focus – and a new name. But its still me. Thanks for being cool!


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