We’re Going on a Bunker Hunt

So there is this exciting thing happening today. I don’t care if it rains. We are going to go find this thing! But first…an explanation.

In my new book, the beginning of a series called “The Remnant,” I refer to bunkers built for the World Wars that have been re-tasked (I’m not going to give too much away here so I’ll stop there and leave you on tenterhooks!). In the books, they are located in specific locations across Sale, Maffra and Stratford.

I had no idea they actually exist. Weird huh! 

So – a friend is over from the states this month to help his amazing sister with some training videos and the amazing sister is keen to help me out to film a book trailer for the Remnant. Exciting! So I have actors, a make-up artist, a song in mind and the beginning of a script…

But first we have to go find a bunker that is not on private property so we can film around/in it. And it looks like there is one on crown land. Woohoo! So the scouting mission happens this afternoon and the book trailer happens SOON! I’m nervous but very excited.

(Pictured above is one of the bunkers I actually got to go in. Yew! It was full of irrigation water the day we went, but it goes down two storeys apparently. So cool. Gave me a bit of an appetite for local history!)

Can’t wait to show you the results of our little mission. Stay tuned.


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