Offices and Writing Places


I’m sitting in my husbands study, enjoying the clean desk in my favourite room of the house. Yes, I let him have my favourite room for his study when we converted from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom 2 study house. That’s love for you.

It’s my favourite room because my piano sits against a rich forest green wall, accompanied by my cello and this fab brass vase I found while antiquing. (I don’t go antiquing often. In fact, I’ve been once! But still…) On another wall sits a fabulous dark wood bookshelf that holds some of my favourite books.

But hubby gets to enjoy this study. Mine is the one with the plumb coloured (read: girly coloured) wall. Mine looks out into the front yard.

I never really appreciated the value of good office space until I started working from home. On about my third day doing it, the novelty of not having to listen to the chatter of colleagues wore off. By the end of the first week, the luxury of not having to keep ones desk clean to impress anyone was well and truly gone. I’ve realised I only concentrate well in a clean space. So (Pictured above) is what I gaze at while I’m daydreaming:

– A globe to tell me the world is a small place and a big place all at once. Whenever I get stuck in a mental rut, I stare at that and realise my problems or hang-ups aren’t that big.

– A box brownie camera that has been made into a clock. This one reminds me of two things: 1 – that I need to make time to do what I love, as well as what I’m obsessed with. Photography is the former. It energises me and focuses me on pretty things instead of mentally exhausting things. Writing is the latter. It is what I feel I was born to do. But if I only focus on this, it wears me out. Hence the need to take a break and shoot pretty things with the camera. 2 – that there is always time for reinvention. No matter how unusual the change. I don’t feel the need to reinvent yet. But when I do, that box brownie thats now a clock will remind me I can do it.

– A painting. This one was done by my mother-in-law and gifted to hubby and me as a wedding present. I love it. Not only does it match the wall, but its got a bit of the outdoors on it. A bit of God’s sweet creation. So that kinda tunes me into a greater purpose.

So thats my office space! I think the real point of this blog post was to share a bit about what motivates me and reminds me to stay on purpose. Ahhh its the simple things in life.

Hope you have a fab day!


P.S. Thanks for your patience with my site reinvention. Its a pain but I’m getting there! Web design ain’t my thing and hubby is super busy doing his thing on other peoples websites. It’s like the cobblers son with no shoes! The builder with an unfinished house! But it will get there…soon!

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