Honestly now

The week that concluded on Saturday was an odd sort of high point. I finished my first ghost-written manuscript, one which I have no doubt will change lives and bring hope to thousands. I say finished, but we are in edit stage a couple of months short of publication...but still. Hubby is the president of... Continue Reading →

Oh Em Gee! It’s Off To The Editor

This thing just happened that has been eleven months in the making. Eleven months of wrapping my brain around a complex concept that not many people know about. Eleven months of word-smithing big neuro stuff into something understandable and engaging. Eleven months of knowing that this book can change so many lives... ...if I do... Continue Reading →

Book Trailer Coming Soon!

This little author couldn't be more excited. Today I sat down with my talented videographer friend and talked through the script and shot list for my upcoming book trailer. So pumped! I've all but completed the casting and my team is coming together for wardrobe, make-up and props. My talented mother-in-law is dragging out her... Continue Reading →

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