Oh Em Gee! It’s Off To The Editor

This thing just happened that has been eleven months in the making. Eleven months of wrapping my brain around a complex concept that not many people know about. Eleven months of word-smithing big neuro stuff into something understandable and engaging. Eleven months of knowing that this book can change so many lives…

…if I do it right.

I just sent it to the editor. Wow.

It’s like sending your baby in for surgery. I get to pace up and down in the waiting room (my study) until it comes back now. It will be all marked with stitches (comments in the track changes section) for me to take home.

Okay so that’s a bit dramatic, but that’s what it feels like. My editor is this fab lady who sees the vision for the book and knows how many lives it can change. I can trust her with it. Still, its an odd feeling sending it off.

So what do I do now? I pour my heart and soul into the next manuscript I’m writing. I just passed 45,000 words on the 7th draft, putting me about half way. I’ve finally gotten the narrative voice right so the next books will come easier. Its been like chipping away at a gigantic slab of marble, getting this done. It will be nice to concentrate on that for a bit. I’ve learned I can only pour my heart and soul into one piece at a time, so after eleven months The Remnant has earned my attention!

We film the book trailer soon as you know – so there’s that. There are also a lot of little jobs around the edges, including some work for a not for profit that is doing amazing research work. I’ll hardly be an idle woman.

But its still a big thing, sending something off to the editor! I just thought I’d acknowledge this big moment in a little blog post (AKA – do something with my nerves before I plug myself into the next task)!

Have a fab day people!

Over and Out!



4 thoughts on “Oh Em Gee! It’s Off To The Editor

Add yours

    1. Ahhhhh I forgot! But I do need to celebrate! Hubby is working in politics at the moment and we have yet another election to cover this weekend. But once that is over, we are going to toast a manuscript milestone and celebrate.

      Getting so close to publication now, and all I can think about is the other projects begging for attention!

    1. Thanks! It seems so obvious that’s what I should be doing…and yet I’m twiddling my thumbs, cutting laps of my lounge room and wondering what else I should be doing! haha

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