Honestly now

The week that concluded on Saturday was an odd sort of high point. I finished my first ghost-written manuscript, one which I have no doubt will change lives and bring hope to thousands. I say finished, but we are in edit stage a couple of months short of publication…but still.

Hubby is the president of the local district in his political party. After the resignation of the guy who had held the seat for twenty+ years, a by election was triggered. It looked like it was going to be a tight one, but we knew about ten minutes after the polls had closed – we’d held the seat convincingly. It was a sweet victory for a cast of thousands. Last time we’d held a post-election party (only months previous), there was a marked difference in mood. Our team had lost the election, and several of us had lost our jobs.

So it was nice to win this. Really nice.

But instead of celebrating today, we are…sleepy! Isn’t it funny how that happens? Now, I know the physiology and neurology of why that happens, but it would just be so nice to feel relief and exhilaration instead?

My next ghostwriting gigs are coming out of the woodwork and I’ll soon be busy again, but instead of throwing myself into writing my novel, I’m googling pictures of the worlds cutest dog and dreaming of upgrading my house.

This seems to be how I celebrate the completion of a manuscript!

Eh. Oh well. I’ll be productive tomorrow. Today, I’m watching ‘Friends’ re-runs and remembering that hubby and I have both done something big this week. So that’s what this little author is up to today! I’ll be motivated tomorrow!

Over and out!


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