Thoughts on filming, and writing books that matter

It’s happening this weekend; We are filming the book trailer for the Remnant. I get to work with the amazingly talented Manhattan Co. Creative Media and some of the most enthusiastic rookie actors ever. We have found this bunker that is on public land and, although we can’t get into it, it’s going to be one cool backdrop. My laundry-room is full of wardrobe bits and pieces, and my desk has coloured contacts on it (because Hunter, the main character in the book, has different coloured eyes). It’s all happening. I’m a bit nervous.

In filming this trailer (actually, three of them), I’m doing something scary. I’m committing to the world that no matter what faces me in the next few months. I’m finishing this book and its two (perhaps three) sequels.

Now, I can’t stand it when people write a trilogy because they needed three books to get noticed. That’s not why I’m doing this. It will be three, maybe four books. It will be so because the story is in three huge parts. I just can’t fit it all in one.

It’s dystopian. It’s about a group called the Remnant, a concept based on the fact that wherever there is persecution, whenever the world becomes a dark place, God always raises up a people who can show the way to the light again. Through-out the Bible it is called the Remnant. But we haven’t seen it in modern times, and we need to.

Because the world is a crazy dark place. And because the global church is not where it should be.

In this book, the Remnant are hunted by a government that forbids belief in a deity at all. Hence, they’ve been driven underground. Literally. They live in bunkers, sneaking out by cover of night in order to tend to the poor and the needy. They can’t be discovered or they’ll be tortured and killed.

The problem is one of them just got caught, and he’s significant. Meanwhile, his adopted son is done with hiding. He’s been a no-talent, neither seer nor hearer, until now. But his gifts are different. He’s not a prophet that sees scenarios. He sees right into the spirit realm where angels and demons war over the future of humanity. There are four global quadrants on the verge of war, two principalities are vying for rulership over the Southern Global Quadrant and there are innocents caught in the crossfire.

That’s book one! Book two I can see clearly. Book three is taking some time to brew, because it’s easy to say that the church is not where it should be. It’s harder to paint a picture of the church as it was intended. I don’t believe we’ve seen that in modern times either.

I mean, I’ve got 18 months to think about that, because there is a book or two in between, but it consumes my thoughts. I’ve never wanted to be a writer who wrote stuff that didn’t matter. But writing what does matter means you have to go deep. I’ll admit, writing book one of the Remnant has made me confront parts of my own belief system and challenged me to do better in other aspects of my life. That’s the journey of writing. I only hope that it translates in the prose I present you with eventually.

So that’s what I grapple with now! In presenting you the trailer, I’m committing to finish this thing in the next few months. I can’t wait to see it. I also can’t wait to see the cover concepts that emerge. I’ll let you vote on which you like best as they get developed. Can’t wait!

Peace! Clare

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