On Mercy and Pain

Good Morning, It's a sunny Autumn day in Gippsland and I've woken to the news that two of the Bali 9 were executed this morning. News channels are rife with commentary on the issue and there are many standpoints on it: those who shout "They were silly enough to disobey rules when they knew the... Continue Reading →

Meet the Characters: Phoebe

After what I must say was a productive Monday (shock horror), hubby has gone out to a meeting and left me to my new computer and writing program (Scrivener, love it!) Of course the above-mentioned newbies mean that I've got the itch to tap away at my computer for longer than usual. Will this newfound... Continue Reading →

Question: Who’s on Wattpad?

Hey fellow bloggers! I've just set up an account on Wattpad. It seemed like a good idea at 3am in the morning when I was trying to do something that would send me to sleep. (Success!) Now the big question is "Who else is on there?" I'm looking for people to follow! Of course there... Continue Reading →

Meet the Characters: Hunter

When I started writing this book almost 14 months ago, I visualised it being finished by now. Of course, I started ghostwriting another book for a client and quickly discovered that you can't write two books at once! There is this golden zone of concentration that you kinda have to be a bit antisocial and... Continue Reading →

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