A Fabulous Dilemma

When I wrote my first book, I got within inches of the finish line and quit. I couldn’t be bothered with the edit, most likely because I believed this was a pointless hobby and no one would ever read it.

Thank God for a husband who believed in me. He kept encouraging me to finish, and spent a bit of money on getting a graphic designer to do a cover for me. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to finish it. I could look my fictional angel in the eye, see the supernatural battle happening above the city skyline and all of a sudden the desire to edit, perfect and, lets be honest, even look at the book one more time returned.

(Writers: I guarantee you’ll be dead set sick of the mention of your book by the time its done. But if you aren’t there yet, it isn’t ready.)

Turns out, the decision to finish the book was a good one! It’s really helping people understand a spiritual dynamic through a fictional, action storyline. I recently met a reader for Saudi Arabia! How cool is that?

Anyway… digressing here.

As you probably know, we filmed the book trailer for The Remnant on Sunday. I have to confess that seeing my characters come to life through people who acted them has brought fresh motivation to my writing desk.

However, its given me a fresh dilemma. I can’t look at Sam (who played Hunter Rhodes in the clip – complete with two different coloured eyes), Amy (who played Karlin Dent) or Elise (who played Phoebe Clements) and in any way base my characters on them. It’s challenging, now that I can visualise them more clearly through those actors.

Basing characters on real humans is, to me, a really bad idea. Why? You end up making decisions based on “what would Sam do?” instead of “what would Hunter do?” You can’t steer the book in the direction it needs to go because your characters have taken on someone else’s values, personality and decision making tendencies. You end up with a convoluted storyline.

So I’m taking the motivation the video clip gave me, and trying to separate it from any association with the actors. That’s my dilemma! But pretty soon, you’ll be able to visualise a little of what I see when I’m sitting writing the Remnant.

I can only hope that this book will be as impactful as The Shadows Where We Walk. To be honest, it’s already made me confront a lot of things about my belief system, the way I live life, and the difference between what I believe and what I do. With a bit of luck, and a lot of hard work, I hope it translates across into the book.

Anyway! That’s just today’s thoughts. I leave you with a still from the video clip. Oooh ahhh. (That’s Hunter/Sam in the air there. Behind him is Ezra, Kit, Leonides, Archer and Karlin’s arm. I’ll give you a sneak peak at the characters in the weeks to follow. I truly can’t wait to introduce them.)

Have a fab day!





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