Meet the Characters: Hunter

When I started writing this book almost 14 months ago, I visualised it being finished by now. Of course, I started ghostwriting another book for a client and quickly discovered that you can’t write two books at once! There is this golden zone of concentration that you kinda have to be a bit antisocial and obsessive to get to – and I had to balance life and obsession, er I mean work.

Anyway! The Remnant is now my sole concentration point and, with a bit of luck, I’ll be presenting it to you in August. In the next few months I’ll post some excerpts, some book trailers (Yeah baby!) and some cast photos.

So it is with great excitement that I present to you the main character in the book: Hunter Rhodes. I can’t give too much away, because then you’ll know what happens in the first chapters and I’m not giving any spoilers! But here are some fast facts. 

(Before I introduce him – if you haven’t read the synopsis for “The Remnant,” you can find it here. Scroll down to the bottom half! Defs read that first!)

So who is Hunter? He’s 16, around 6 foot 2, and has eyes that are two different colours. It’s a genetic marker that links him back to a past that he’d rather forget about. (Sam, who played him in the film clip had to wear contacts to get that effect! Uncomfortable things that they are!)

You wouldn’t call him quiet, but he’s hardly the class clown. His past has left him with some scars that cause him to view the world in a slightly different way.

Namely – his biological mum died a brutal death and his bio-dad is the kinda guy he’d like to cause a lot of pain to, should they ever meet. Once you know what thats all about, you’d be in that fight right along side him.

Hunter was the first character that started to form in my mind. He wasn’t born into the Remnant, rather, he was rescued from a literal scrap heap in a world where abortion can occur in the minutes after birth. The couple who rescued him had founded the Remnant in resistance to a tyrannical government that demanded the execution of anyone who so much as believed in the existence of Jesus Christ.

Hunter Rhodes was raised in this secret rebellion where they are trained to be prophets, either seers or hearers. But until now, he’d been a no-talent. Well thats what he has the rest of the Remnant believe. He’s recently developed the ability to see straight into the spirit realm, where angels and demons war, but at this point he isn’t picking sides and he’s certainly not fessing up to owning this new skill.

In the opening chapters, he’s fed up with the cloak and dagger nature of his existence, but isn’t willing to betray the people he loves and the cause he believes in.

In reality, Hunter’s day of reckoning has arrived. The enemy just marched right into his place of safety and took one of the his nearest and dearest. The fight for survival is beginning and Hunter is right at the centre of it. He’s going to have to  to grapple with the cost of freedom and the cost of staying silent.

The body count is piling up on both sides.

Hunter’s storyline involves a lot of action (that I can’t tell you about without spoilers) and a fight between two natures. I can’t wait to introduce you properly! But until now, thats the scoop! And a pic of the guy I had play him in the clip. Thanks Sam!



Hunter Rhodes 2

Hunter (1 of 1)

Hunter Rhodes

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