Question: Who’s on Wattpad?

Hey fellow bloggers!

I’ve just set up an account on Wattpad. It seemed like a good idea at 3am in the morning when I was trying to do something that would send me to sleep. (Success!)

Now the big question is “Who else is on there?” I’m looking for people to follow! Of course there are options to invite my entire Facebook friends list, but of the 1200 odd friends, I think that would irritate maybe 1197 of them!

Over to you. Are you on Wattpad? What’s your handle? Mine is ClareHMcIvor. Follow me!


5 thoughts on “Question: Who’s on Wattpad?

Add yours

    1. Oh look, I don’t know! I’ve just got a couple of uni project short stories that never got air. I haven’t published them and thought – what the heck. May as well. But I’m not sure how good this Wattpad business is! I was just curious to see if others use it.

  1. I use wattpad and I love it!!(: I’ve recently posted chapter 2 of one of my books! My username is dmlogan, come follow me!(:

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