Meet the Characters: Phoebe

After what I must say was a productive Monday (shock horror), hubby has gone out to a meeting and left me to my new computer and writing program (Scrivener, love it!)

Of course the above-mentioned newbies mean that I’ve got the itch to tap away at my computer for longer than usual. Will this newfound inspiration last? Probably not, but hopefully long enough for me to finish the draft and move through to the edit stage. So close yet so far!

Anyway,  I wanted to introduce you to another one of my characters. The Remnant has two main characters: Hunter (who you’ve already met) and Phoebe who I’m introducing now.

In many ways, she is the polar opposite to Hunter. Apart from the obvious (she’s a girl. He’s not), there are many ways in which they are polarised.  He’s had pretty much everything handed to him up until this point. She’s had to grow up fast and fight for survival in a hostile world. He is surrounded by people who share history, faith and life with him. She has no one – unless you include a snooty little brother who would sell her out for a slab of decent lasagna and a pat on the back.

She’s known for a while that day would come. They share a house, but barely a kind word passes between them. When Phoebe knows her name is about to come up on the Southern Global Quadrants ‘wanted’ list, she knows she has to get out of there fast.

How would she know her name is about to be called? It’s not because she committed a crime. It’s because she is an anomaly – the holder of a gift that should only exist inside the Remnant. She’s a seer – A prophet (sort of). Somehow she has tuned in to a supernatural world that isn’t supposed to exist. It’s a world you get executed for believing in but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

She doesn’t want to be a seer. That ‘gift’ that lead her father to an untimely death. Phoebe has a plan though: if she can find the Remnant, they can train her properly. She can be covered, protected, and surrounded by people who might actually care whether she lives or dies.

Before Phoebe’s mother died (many years ago), she used to sing her songs from a past civilisation. She showed her a symbol she could draw in the sand if she ever needed help from the Remnant: the mark of help-sought that would be completed by one of them in a gesture of help-offered.

She just needs to find one of them.

There are only two problems with that: How do you find the Remnant when they are hiding their light from the world (to avoid persecution and the threat of death. Sorta understandable)? And how do you avoid being discovered by a President and dedicated search squad that hate the Remnant with a particularly fiery venom.

The President of the Southern Global Quadrant has a theory: if he can track down ‘the seer girl’ who lives outside the Remnant, and apply the right ‘pressure’ then she might just lead show them the way.

She’s not helping President Saul Raymond find and kill anyone. Not if she can help it.

If you were to look at Phoebe, you’d see a skinny girl of sixteen, whose collarbones jut out after years of not quite enough. She has haunting blue eyes that have seen a lot – from death and heartache, to premonitions of the future. Phoebe has a strong sense of responsibility about her, but is plagued with loneliness, the fruit of a society in which trust is fatal and suspicion runs riot. She’s whip smart, and a non-conformist at heart – both of these being difficult personality traits to manage when average is the goal and the only way to avoid Special Forces attention is to not stand out in any way.

In this book, Phoebe will have to plumb the depths of her being to find strength she thought impossible. She’ll have to confront her fears and decide whether she wants to be bigger than them, or whether she wants to surrender to an evil so big that even the church has seemingly given up.

President Saul Raymond wants to find her and extract her premonitions so that they can find the Remnant, so Phoebe has been forced to leave the only life she knows to go on the run. She’s looking for the Remnant, but the Remnant don’t want to be found.
See below for happy snaps! And one unhappy snap 🙂 



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