Time, she wars against me

Good Morning,

This week has seen me locked in a struggle against an overloaded brain. Thank God (literally) for a husband who recognised it and demanded I take a little time to smell the roses.

Shame that can’t happen until next week! This week I’ve got a book to get to the printer, a proof to get perfect and a product line to finalise.

Next week I’ll rest. This week I push through.

I had ever so fervently hoped that my second fiction novel would be released the year after Shadows. We are now just ticking over the 18 month mark, and I”m still a few months off with the Remnant. Bummer. I do have a book going to press next week, but my name isn’t on the cover and it isn’t fiction. It’s still wonderful. It’s still going to change lives. It’s still my second book in as many years and thats still a huge achievement.

But I’ll admit the blood pressure was tempted to hike up just a bit this week. I need a clone of me. Or maybe two! Because I’ll be honest, splitting my brain in too many directions is a little interesting, especially when three deadlines hit at once. At the moment, I’m a busy ghostwriter, a passionate fiction writer, an in-demand content writer and a frequent photographer.

Unfortunately for now, I’m split four ways work wise. But I’m pressing on. I’m incredibly blessed in that I get to do what I love…writing and photography. It’s just that, at the moment, I’m having to put my foot down, prioritise what’s burning on my heart and brain, and write fiction.

If I’m honest, its not just fiction. It’s fiction that explores something – what our use is as Christians if we let ourselves lose our voice, if we don’t prioritise compassion, and if we let the world back us into a corner. It’s about how we get out of that corner once we are backed into it.

It’s just ironic that time is backing me into a corner now. Dear time, why can’t we be friends? Why must you war against me?

I just wanted to touch base, to say I’m working hard to deliver for you! Next week will see a blog post introducing another character (Yew!) but for now you get the life update!



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