Meet the Character: Sidra Zayne

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I introduced a new character on the blog. Whilst I’ve got one more major character to introduce, I haven’t gotten around to editing the photos so I’m going to make you wait on that one.

However: there are some really cool minor characters in the Remnant. So I’m going to introduce you to one of them. Most of her backstory won’t appear in book one at least, so here’s the scoop.

When Sidra Zayne started at the prestigious boarding school, Shakespeare House (just outside of Tricapolis), she was a girl with a vendetta. She’d been weeded out of her  school some three thousand kilometres away because she was ‘gifted.’

What this meant was that President Saul Raymond reserved the right to uproot her life, tear her family apart and decide what her future held for her: a gruelling intellectual attainment schedule and a career in intelligence. They’d teach her to kill in the name of the Worldwide Coalition. They’d kill her social life, monitor her every move and expect her to gain mastery of languages, computer systems and hand-to-hand combat. It didn’t matter that her conscience told her she didn’t want to do it. She wasn’t a person any more. She was an asset.

Her IQ test scores, her above average spatial awareness results and her President had collectively decided that she was a WWC weapon in the making. The government then cut all communications with her friends and family, placed her in an academically selective private school and expected her to answer their beck and call.

Sidra started noticing something strange the minute she arrived: some of the teachers at this school were the definition of boring – uptight, nerdy and serious – but then there were ‘the others.’ They had eyes that seemed to see straight through you, straight into your soul. Their smiles had more warmth in them and their eyes held a bit more of a lively glint than the dead, soulless eyes of the other teachers. Making friends at a snobbish school like Shakespeare House was a tough call, so she decided to track these teachers with her spare time instead.

It would take her all of a week to find a way into their underground home. But rather than sell them out, she watched.

Fast forward a year, and Sidra is one of an integral member of the Remnant. She’s a hand-to-hand combat expert with no intention of using her skills the way they were intended. These days, she’s got those eyes that see straight through people. She’s smart, quick witted and a pain in class if I’m honest. Currently, she’s helping Milo and Ezra train the Remnant for the tough next chapter in their lives – one they’d only been able to guess about until now.

If you find yourself in a dark Tricapolis alley after dark, or find yourself facing off against a corrupt regime, you’re going to want this girl on your team.

The Remnant (2 of 1)

The Remnant (1 of 1)

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