Concentration: The problem when you think for a living

It’s been one of those days. Clare opens computer intending to open Scrivener and get typing. Clare can’t think of anything to write. Clare should, because there’s a mountain of stuff to be done. Clare opens YouTube instead and watches a lot of clips from the Graham Norton show. Clare shuts Youtube and accidentally finds herself on Facebook instead of Scrivener.

Gah! I can’t get my brain to work. It will, by 3pm when I have a teleconference and hopefully before that when I successfully get something done. But in the meantime. I’m blogging on the woes of concentration glitches when you think for a living.

Problem #1: The internet ruins all your hopes and dreams. It’s a fact. It gets in the way. When there is a problem too great, too close to home, too inconvenient for you to want to think through, there is literally no end to the distractions you can find on the internet.

The easy fix is to walk down the hallway, turn off the router and refuse to turn it back on. Also to place my phone in a water tight bag, place it in a bucket of water and freeze it. Also to lend my iPad to a sibling who lives a few suburbs away so I have no further internet options.

Who am I kidding? Thats not going to happen.

Problem #2: Nothing inspires you to spring clean like a bad-concentration day and a deadline. Hubby and I have a guest arriving on Saturday. So I need to scrub all the skirting boards, bleach the bathroom roof, vacuum dust and polish all flat surfaces, clean out my wardrobe, scrub out the sinks and do copious amounts of washing, right? Never mind that I have a deadline to meet. Make that two.

The easy fix is to keep my workspace clean, shut the door to the rest of the house and just zone in on what needs to be done. All the cleaning can come later. But who am I kidding? That will just amount to claustrophobia. (You see, I’m a smart person. For every solution I can think myself into, there is another problem I can invent to think myself back out of it. Yay me! I’m a talent).

Problem #3: Don’t even get me started on the garden. Lucky its raining today and freezing outside. That’s all I have to say on that matter.

Problem #4: Fitness kicks start at odd times for me. Reading all about how muscular health can contribute to longevity does make one drop right to the floor and start doing situps. I’m not kidding. On days like this, there is actually temptation to do crunches instead of paragraphs. I can’t believe me! Really!

Eh. I would just give up and do something else for the day, but I can’t. So I went for my go-to solution: achieve an easy task to get the ball rolling. Then at least I can tick one item off my to-do list! Some days, thinking for a living is like rolling a gigantic snowball. You have to start little so you can work your way up to big. I’ve written this blog post. I’ve consulted a client and decided we need to be a bit more heavy-handed with a certain lot of negotiations. I’m off to tackle something slightly larger. Thanks for listening.

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