Here, at the end of draft 1

This week, something magical happened. I put a full stop (or as the Americans call it, a period) at the end of a sentence. It was full of suspense, and meaning, but it was only one little full stop. Why then was it magical? Because it was a full stop that I'd put at the... Continue Reading →

Honest Post: The Paradox of Faith

Good afternoon! I'm sitting here on a chilly winter afternoon, taking a blog break between jobs and listening to Kari Jobe playlists on YouTube. (Side note: The way that woman floats her top notes is sublime!) This is kind-of a pallet cleanser between writing a medical-type blog and writing a supernatural fiction novel. Talk about... Continue Reading →

Opinion: Who’s got the power in publishing?

I'm prefacing this post by saying this is my experience only. I'm only educated by a business degree, a communications degree and experience in self-publishing, hiring a hybrid publisher and sorta kinda being a hybrid publisher. My first book sold around 1000 copies and I didn't really hit it hard with marketing. My second book will... Continue Reading →

Word counts and Structural Editing

I'm five chapters short of the finish line. I'm ten thousand words short of the finish line.  Small problem. Each chapter is supposed to be roughly three thousand words. So by the time I'm done, I'll be five thousand words over. Big deal huh. Whats the difference between one hundred thousand words and one hundred and five... Continue Reading →

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