A Few Minutes Off

It’s been one of those weeks where I haven’t successfully left the house more than once. I hate those weeks. When I left my full time job to pursue a life of writing, I had visions of being able to do so with an active social life, perfectly manicured nails, well applied make-up and a house that was well and truly under control.

None of the above happened this week. There was a lot of tracksuit time. I had a book just finished, and a book that I have to finish in the next month. Its hard slog, I’ll admit, because there is absolutely no room in my week for procrastination. But them’s the breaks.

So this morning, I took a little time out to sit at a café and watch the world go by – while blogging.

Why? When you are building worlds, it can get kinda hard to see your own. Your world becomes all about your characters, their pain, their victories and defeats, their attitudes. You find yourself watching something that’s supposed to be a brainless Netflix binge, and you find yourself going “Oh that makes so much sense! That’s what Hunter is like when…”

It doesn’t make it any easier to disengage and just chill out when my husband has his own little obsession bubble.

I guess no matter your profession, if you are contributing to a world, you are building it. Its not just the domain of the author.

So! I wanted to go down ‘the street’ and actually just observe for while. And I realised a few things.

  • The Raymond Street Pedestrian Mall in Sale is kinda heartwarming. It’s the only place motorists slow down to allow for the walkers, and the walkers feel the need to repeatedly thank the ones who slowed down for them. It’s sweet. If you are in a hurry you don’t notice these things. You’re all like “Stop talking. Hurry up.”
  • Some things are always funny, like when someone pushes on a pull door and takes longer than average to figure out why it won’t budge. It kinda makes me wonder if God looks down at us sometimes and thinks to himself, “You’re pushing this thing real hard, but that’s not the way I intended you to approach it. This could be easy, man.”
  • I think I’ve been guilty of pushing on a pull door, metaphorically.
  • You can find friends in the strangest of places. The table next to you. The waitress, the barista, the other pedestrians in said pedestrian mall. The trick is to not keep your head down and ignore the world for too long.

This was never supposed to be a big blog post. I just wanted a break from long form writing, from world building, from writing as a medical reporter and from ghostwriting functional neurology. Sometimes its nice to just be me in a café on Raymond Street.

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