Presenting – The Remnant Book Trailer 1

After what seems like years, but was in fact only months, I am thrilled to present the first of three teaser trailers for my new book – The Remnant. The cover will be released soon, along with another two trailers, but in the mean time – feast your eyes on this.

I love it. I’m a bit obsessed. Joy Churchill from Manhattan Company Media did an awesome job filming and editing it. She had a little help from her brother, Chris Valcarcel from Calibre .50 Media Design and AR Creative in California.

And we had an awesome cast of dedicated people who weren’t afraid to stack in an epic fashion, all in the name of art.

Enjoy the clip! Like it! Follow my YouTube Channel – whatever floats your boat.


2 thoughts on “Presenting – The Remnant Book Trailer 1

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  1. Clarey McHairy!!! I’m so proud of you!!!! Am I able to get a copy in a Christian Bookstore????

    Hope you remember me.

    Sharon Duthie xxx

    1. Hey! Yes, I remember you. Hope life’s going well 🙂 Anywhere that can order stuff from Thomas Nelson will be able to get my first title in for you (The Shadows Where We Walk), but the easiest place to grab it is Amazon. Check out and you’ll find me. Super easy if you’re an ebook reader! We haven’t gotten hard copies off to them yet though, so you can get those through this website. Enjoy!

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