The Gratitude Post

Life’s been rather serious of late. Houses, negotiations, business sales, business start-ups, books, launches, life, etc etc etc. When I sat down this morning, content in the realisation that I didn’t have to do any work on my novel this week (okay, missing it like you wouldn’t believe, but still!), I thought to myself – I’m going to blog. I’m not going to blog serious though.

So this is a ten things I’m grateful for post. Only because, when one gets swamped or when life gets lifey, it can be a little hard to zero in on whats good. Here goes:

  1. Patrick. Sure, he’s my husband so I’ve got to list him. But he’s also a hero of sorts. I’m so lucky. I’m sure I’m not easy for him – creative, quick minds can sometimes be a little fragile, but I’m married to a person who seems to know when to say “Go write that book!”, when to say “Stop and smell the roses.” I do think God made him just for me.
  2. Hindsight. I’m different to most people in that hindsight doesn’t always feel like its that far behind, and memories don’t always fade for me. They stay extremely vivid, in all their glory. But I’m grateful for hindsight because it tells me that in a few years, present tests will be hindsight too.
  3. Siblings. Mine are pictured above, on a spontaneous road trip where we found pine trees, canola fields and a whole lot of mosquitos. I love them dearly. Especially now that I don’t live with any of them. Funny how that happens.
  4. Friends. This past week, mine inundated me with gifts and care. It was lovely, as I’d been rather ill. They’re a loyal and caring bunch. I don’t always give them enough credit for that.
  5. Bubble baths. We are currently looking at renting out the house we own, and renting another for us to live in while we gear ourselves to upgrade. The house we just inspected doesn’t have a bath. I’m not sure how to wrap my head around this. I really love bubble baths.
  6. Plan B’s. We intended to just sell our house and buy another one. Turns out its taking a little longer than we thought it would, but thats okay. Because I’m married to someone who has this ability to think his way through any roadblock. So we are working up a plan B and I love it. It reminds me there is always another way to skin the cat. (Why do people say that? Who skins a cat? Figures of speech are so weird.)
  7. Cameras. As a writer I build worlds. I have to imagine things that aren’t there and bring them down onto paper. I have to take complex science and decode it (when I’m not writing fiction). I adore my job. I truly love it and consider myself lucky, but sometimes I need to focus on something pretty and just snap that. So cameras are wonderful.
  8. Sunshine. It feels good on the skin and on the soul. Spring has just arrived. So have the magpies and swooping season, but I’m good with that as long as we get sunshine.
  9. Roadtrips. Its fun to just be a tourist for a bit. I love it. It breaks the predictability of life for just an hour, or a day, or a weekend.
  10. My own bed. Nothing beats it.

So thats my list. See ya later!

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