What is the Christian Utopia?

I started writing novels because I wanted to help people understand. I wanted to use my gift, of words and imagination, to bring clarity and do so wrapping it all in an exciting, suspenseful, character rich tapestry called 'fiction.' Easy right? Pfft! Here's my dilemma. I am part of a generation that grew up in church.... Continue Reading →

All The Details: The Remnant

Hey guys and girls, The Remnant is out and the first readers have only great things to say. One happy author here! Now, I thought I'd better put a blog post out there so ya'll know where to get it. All the purchase details for The Shadows Where We Walk remain the same. Click here... Continue Reading →

Launch Day, Baby!

On Saturday, Team Remnant was in full swing launching the long-awaited book. The hype had been building for a while with three book trailers released in the lead up to the day. I'd launched a couple of books before. I'd be all good with this...right? Wrong! So nervous! I sat in the car doing deep... Continue Reading →

Countdown to Launch

It's happening. The first boxes of "The Remnant" are on the doorstep, waiting for the postman to take them away. The launch party venue and decor is arranged (I think, but I'll leave that with my people to take care of). The media releases have gone into the newspaper. The guests have been  invited. Facebook... Continue Reading →

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