Countdown to Launch

It’s happening. The first boxes of “The Remnant” are on the doorstep, waiting for the postman to take them away. The launch party venue and decor is arranged (I think, but I’ll leave that with my people to take care of). The media releases have gone into the newspaper. The guests have been  invited. Facebook is buzzing. I’ve got an office full of books, t-shirts and posters.

All I’ve got to do is organise catering. Food, of course, being my least favourite thing to organise. But we are getting there.

Today, I’m enjoying a flashback to this time two years ago when I was launching my first book. I sat in my car for a very long time, with my hands white knuckled on the wheel. Writing the book was one thing. Putting it out to the world to have it judged, and read, and loved, and hated, is another (quite terrifying) thing.

Turns out it wasn’t nearly that bad. The feedback has been faultlessly great! Amazing for a first time author. But it also turns out I’m not that comfortable with being the centre of attention. Writing is a solitary pursuit, but marketing isn’t. Argh! But its just a fact of life. This time around, I’ve got a marketing chic and a publicist so I’m hoping that will be a bit easier.

I was warned prior to my first launch that writing it is 10% of the work (and ask anyone who has written a book – its no walk in the park). Marketing and promotion is 90% of the work. We all wish for some well-oiled supply chain we can just slip into and be carried along by, but that’s not how it works. It’s still something I’m up for though – because writing is what I love. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be one of the few who has been able to pay her mortgage with writing for the past 18 months now. But it isn’t lost on me how much luck, good fortune and plain old hard work has gone into that.

I’m a blessed and thankful girl.

I completely believe in this book. I love the characters, and the storyline, the cover (my gosh, the cover), but it doesn’t insulate me from the nerves of the actual launch. I’m guessing thats just a fact of life for a writer. I’m still going to rip the bandaid off and launch this thing because books are meant to be read – but gosh! The nerves.

There. That’s just a little honest confession from a soon-to-be three time author.

Happy Friday to ya’ll




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