All The Details: The Remnant

The Remnant Cover-2Hey guys and girls,

The Remnant is out and the first readers have only great things to say. One happy author here! Now, I thought I’d better put a blog post out there so ya’ll know where to get it.

All the purchase details for The Shadows Where We Walk remain the same. Click here to find your copy.

To get a single copy of “The Remnant: Mark of Elijah,” you can jump onto the purchase site here and choose either the domestic postage or the international postage option. Yes it still say pre-order. That will be changed tomorrow. Don’t worry though! I’ll still get the message.

Sale people – get on down to Collins Booksellers or City Builders Church to grab your copy.

Important Information for Churches and Youth Groups

We want to give youth groups an opportunity to make a bit of coin for their favourite fundraiser or cause. Hence, we are doing bulk packs.

  • 10 copies – $120 plus postage
  • 20 copies – $240 plus postage
  • 30 copies – $300 plus postage
  • 100 copies – $1000 plus postage

Pop us an email using the contact form here, and I can quote on postage then we can arrange the rest. Each bulk pack comes with a t-shirt (while stocks last), some posters and a signed cast photo. Copies of The Shadows Where We Walk can be included in your pack too. Just let us know what you are after.

What People Said About The Shadows Where We Walk:

Just incase you are curious – here’s what people said about my last book.

  • “A good story on the spiritual battles that rage around us. Well developed characters and a strong plot move the reader forward. I definitely feel differently about how important our prayer life really is here on earth!”
  • “This book opened my eyes to some struggles that I personally face and given me the courage to know that I am on the winning team and I can fight.”
  • “Every church, every parent and every young person needs a copy of this book”
  • “It is beautifully crafted masterpiece. I truly look forward to the next book from this author.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable book. Well executed and thought provoking.”
  • “An amazing book! You can not go passed it! If you are young or old, an avid reader or not this book is for you. Shadows may just change your life. Enjoy!”


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