Why I Write Supernatural Fiction


Well! Its been quite a ride since I last blogged! Life is happening at a pace that’s a little hard to keep up with, truth be told. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve crossed the countryside for everything from author visits to photoshoots (me shooting people, not me being shot! I’m a chicken in front of a camera). Hubby and I are about to head to Queensland for a few days for a work conference, then jetting back to finish packing up our house and moving!

I’m shooting a wedding the day we move (How’s that for timing!) and then another one the following weekend. Then, maybe then, I’ll get to put my feet up and take stock of the next stage in our life.

Parenthood. Hubby and I are welcoming our first bub in July.

In amongst all the doing, has been a whole lot of being. There have been changes, but we know we are following God, and that He has our best interests at heart and has a whole lot more foresight than us, so that’s that. So that’s me. Phew!

Within all the changes of late, I’ve had a little time to reflect on why I do what I do – that is, why I write supernatural fiction for Christian young adults. One of the reasons is that there is a whole lot out there in terms of Christian romance novels, but not a whole lot of this genre. Even in terms of indie authors, there just isn’t much. It’s pretty much Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, a handful of indie authors and bloggers I’m keeping an eye on, and me.

I’m incredibly aware that its a genre that is wracked with fine lines to tread. You don’t want to cross over into demonology or angelology. You don’t want to take God out of context or misrepresent Him. There are whole lot of doctrinal points that you need to consider whilst also using the creative license you need to create a story worth reading. But I love this genre because there is a whole lot of incredibly rich subject matter to draw from.

None of this is the reason I write supernatural fiction for young Christians. So here’s the scoop:

I write it because the world is trying to desperately to tell us that our God is an imaginary friend in the sky, that He is irrelevant, antiquated and powerless, and that by living our lives in His service, we are fools and bigots.

That isn’t true. It makes us courageous, even when we don’t feel courageous. We have to find a way to love a world that increasingly persecutes us. We do it without the credit and comparative ease the Christians of yesteryear enjoyed. We were made for a significant time in history. Perhaps just not the easiest one.

I write it because when you are new to the faith, it can be hard to think that prayer makes a difference. It can be hard to imagine how Heaven could possibly have its resources on your side. It can be all too easy to imagine that the enemy is winning, and that we are in a constant battle against a larger, smarter, more devious foe.

That isn’t true either. Going back to the beginning, when the original split happened and Lucifer fell, he only took 1/3 of the angels with him. He’s just really good at public relations! The winning side belongs to a God who doesn’t brag about Himself. But He is looking for people to strongly support.

I write it because all around the world, there are people who the enemy has fooled into thinking they are alone. This strips them of courage, and isolates them. This is exactly what he did to Elijah, but Elijah was not alone. There were 700 prophets left.

You are not alone. There is always someone like you! Another Christian who has the same struggles. Another young person who has days when it all seems too hard. Heck. You are why I write supernatural fiction. Because I believe in you. I believe in what God can do in you.

And then there is the fact that I really like reading the genre! Frank and Ted aren’t pumping out the titles very fast these days though (no judgement there! Each book is a journey, and sometimes the journey takes time despite any ideas of deadline you might have!  It’s worth it though. The journey makes it a book with substance, and not just another story).

I do hope that other supernatural fiction authors will spring up! I’m keen to read your stuff! In the mean-time, I hope you enjoy mine.



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