Waiting for the lightbulb


It’s been a month since the last blog post! But it certainly hasn’t been a month since I’ve put pen to paper. It’s been rather busy on the writing front. I’m hoping to get the life-coaching book I’m ghosting all wrapped before Baby Mac arrives. And we are on schedule! So woohoo to that!

Just as long as Baby Mac stays on schedule! (Stay in there baby! When I say “I can’t wait to meet you,” its totally rhetorical! I CAN wait. I can wait until at least the 7th of July!” )

So I haven’t gone full on into promotions for “The Remnant.” But I figure that’s okay. I also had hoped that by now, I’d be full on into the third book in the Remnant Trilogy. BUT! The last 8 weeks of this pregnancy have been about relaxation and a lot of couch time so I haven’t stretched my brain to write those two books. Thank God I can work from the couch! But I’m a little sick of it, if I’m honest.

Here’s the thing though: I never wanted to write books for the sake of writing books. I always wanted to write them with depth and meaning. That sometimes means a little bit of a journey with God. (Okay, actually, it does EVERY time! But thats a good thing, I’m sure.)

The second Remnant book was supposed to be about the emergence of the church in all its glory, even in times of persecution. It was supposed to be a picture of what “Kingdom” looks like,  albeit revealed through the lives of flawed people who were on their own walk. That’s what my heart for the second Remnant book was and still is. It was going to be a warts and all journey into the place God has called us to occupy (all in my typical ‘supernatural fiction with loads of action’ style).

I’ve realised in the last few months that no one group of people can possibly embody all of this. No one denomination, or movement, or network, or church can possibly reveal all that God is. If we think we are it, we are way off track. God is so big that the Western church hasn’t captured Him in His fullness. He is revealing Himself across the globe! The Chinese church is growing and thriving. The Russian church has surprised me (since hubby started studying it, I am starting to see the role they play! So interesting!). And deep in Syria and its surrounds, is a beautiful yet besieged move of God in the hearts of the Middle-Eastern believers.

The pentecostal church may think it is closer to God than the Catholic church, but inside the Catholic church (even though its flaws are paraded around for the world to see right now), there are people who have a closer walk with God than many who sit in pentecostal and charismatic church pews. The apostolic movement may think it captures a progressive revelation that no other’s carry, and maybe that is true to an extent, but the accountability and structure of the Baptist church brings an aspect of Christianity that I find beautiful, safe and encouraging.

So the blinkers (or blinders?) are off for me right now. I’m taking a good hard look at the world and waiting for the light bulb moment on what this Kingdom is supposed to look like. I’ve got one heck of a cool storyline developing, but just like this actual baby I’m carrying, this book will come out in its time. When it does, I promise, it will be good. It won’t just be action, and quick plots, and the final resolution of what happens with Hunter, Phoebe, Karlin, Theon and the others. It will carry something special. I just know it.

Though the last few months have thrown a few curve-balls that I didn’t see coming, its a beautiful thing when you know you are exactly where God wants you to be. It’s liberating. Can’t wait to introduce you to my next book-baby. I’ll just have to finish growing this actual baby first.

Peace, my friends !

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