Reviews, reviews, reviews.

I know. This post has to go down as self-promotion. But you’re going to excuse me for that, if for no other reason than that its jolly hard work to write a book, ya’ll! Note that! So after spending bulk time on this baby, you’re going to have to allow me a proud parental brag. (Yes, you’re also going to have to excuse the parent jokes. This is my book baby. Well, one of four. But still.)

ANYWAY! Here is what some readers have said about The Remnant and Shadows!

“It was a wonderful journey reading ‪#‎theremnant‬‪#‎markofelijah‬ by @claremcivor. I finished it in 5 days. Full of suspense and excitement.  A great read about the ‪#‎power‬ of ‪#‎prayer‬ and ‪#‎warfare‬. Taking the ‪#‎church‬beyond the four walls. A rising generation that will finish the race ‪#‎finishinggeneration‬. A ‪#‎newbreedwithoutgreed‬. A ‪#‎radicaloppositiontocorruption‬.  It was an eye opener on how practical we can live out God’s word, moving through the excitement of how God uses us, humans, to shut down the works of hell and turning a whole nation around.I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the next series.” L.L.

“Brilliantly written, and thought provoking. Nice to see new Christian fiction with a supernatural edge. Can’t wait to read the next one!” Amazon reviewer

“Awesome!!” Amazon Reviewer

“Just read first novel… “The Shadows Where We Walk”. A fiction book that I absolutely loved. It opens our eyes to the supernatural world we live in.” T.M.

“Thoroughly enjoyable book. Well executed and thought provoking. This book opened my eyes to some struggles that I personally face and given me the courage to know that I am on the winning team and I can fight. It is beautifully crafted masterpiece. I truly look forward to the next book from this author.” Amazon Reviewer

“An amazing book! You can not go passed it! If you are young or old, an avid reader or not this book is for you. Shadows may just change your life. Enjoy!” D.M.

Okay. That’s my procrastination done for the day. I’m off to do some work now. Might even write some of the sequel – The Remnant: Kings and Kingdoms.

Oooh ahhh!


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