A little inspo for the soul

Good morning, good morning!

The boy is asleep. The task list is a mile long. And I’m on the final leg of solo parenting for nearly a week while Hubby was off in the city for training. (Side note: RESPECT to my single parent friends. You are Ahhh-mazing. Four days and I’m fried.)

I’m just getting my feet wet again in terms of blogging, after some large life changes moved my priorities for a while. What do I mean by life changes? Well one of them is named Henry! He turns one next week (*gasp*) and he did have me wondering whether my fiction-writing days were over. But I’m getting the itch again now…just in time to pop out another baby and have to figure out how it all works with two.

Here’s the thing: Mama’s can find it pretty easy to lose themselves in a groundhog-day of washing-feeding-napping for years and years. I’ve realised that’s not great for me! I am re-doing the business plan a bit, but I’m back and blogging and figuring out a plot-line for the sequel of The Remnant.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few things with you: One is a song a friend shared with me this morning. The words (and the vocalists pipes!) are enough to make you melt. Listen. Think about it. I love it.

Then theres this one: It’s got the kind of feel that you could definitely jog too, but I just love it.

So that’s whats on the top of the playlist at the moment. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, hit play!

Have a fab day. I’ll be back to blog later.


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