Hey There Friday

This week was the longest one in history. It was the one where time suspended for a spell, while Patrick, Henry and I all fought off the worst vomiting bug we’d experienced. 

That’s never fun! But what’s really not fun is when you don’t have a healthy member of the household to look after the others. You just suffer through it together and pull strength from I-don’t-know-where to get through it. It’s rough as adults. It’s rougher when you’re looking after a sick bub too. No time for self-pity. 

It did make me think though – about 2 Corinthians 12:9. His grace is sufficient for me. His strength is made perfect in my weakness. Therefore I’ll boast more gladly about my weaknesses so Christs power may rest on me. 

It can be so easy, as Christians, to feel like we need to portray an image of perfection and show the world “Hey! I’ve got it together! You should follow Christ like me.” But perhaps that’s not the best witness. Nor is it what He asks of us.

Perhaps a better witness is “Hey, I’m imperfect. But this is what gives me strength and joy. This is who lifts my burdens.”

It can be easy as Christians to see a world in need and think we need to save it. But we are only ever supposed to be a witness for the One who does save. Hint: that’s not us! That’s Christ in us. 

The moment we take on burdens that aren’t ours, we move out of where He wants us. We start carrying something that has always been to heavy for our human shoulders. His strength can truly shine when we allow him to be the guy who does the saving. 

It’s sure a load off! 

Anyway. Just a thought. Hope your week is going well! 

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