Hey There Friday

This week was the longest one in history. It was the one where time suspended for a spell, while Patrick, Henry and I all fought off the worst vomiting bug we'd experienced.  That's never fun! But what's really not fun is when you don't have a healthy member of the household to look after the... Continue Reading →

A little inspo for the soul

Good morning, good morning! The boy is asleep. The task list is a mile long. And I'm on the final leg of solo parenting for nearly a week while Hubby was off in the city for training. (Side note: RESPECT to my single parent friends. You are Ahhh-mazing. Four days and I'm fried.) I'm just... Continue Reading →

That’s an affirmative

Greetings all! You'll have to excuse my hiatus from this blog. You see, I've been working on a very important project - a bouncing baby boy named Henry. He came into our lives precisely four weeks ago and we just adore him. Consequently, I haven't blogged much, or finished the sequel to the Remnant. It... Continue Reading →

Reviews, reviews, reviews.

I know. This post has to go down as self-promotion. But you're going to excuse me for that, if for no other reason than that its jolly hard work to write a book, ya'll! Note that! So after spending bulk time on this baby, you're going to have to allow me a proud parental brag.... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the lightbulb

Hola! It's been a month since the last blog post! But it certainly hasn't been a month since I've put pen to paper. It's been rather busy on the writing front. I'm hoping to get the life-coaching book I'm ghosting all wrapped before Baby Mac arrives. And we are on schedule! So woohoo to that!... Continue Reading →

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