The Remnant Cover-2The Remnant: Available Now

The most dangerous idea in human history and philosophy remains the belief that Jesus Christ was the son of God and rose from the dead …(Quote: P. Hitchens)”

Imagine a world where this dangerous idea was made illegal, the true church no longer free but outlawed, hunted and driven underground. With the disappearance of a deity, hope plummeted, crime rose, marriage became a thing of the past and after-birth abortion became common practice.

This is the world Hunter Rhodes grew up in. But he is part of the resistance, belonging to the alpha cell of a group called “The Remnant.” They exist to strengthen the rebellion against a tyrannical government. They hide in plain sight. But one of them just got exposed. He is in prison, being beaten and tortured for information that could lead to their annihilation.

What happens next for the Remnant? Will they run? Disband? Give up? Or stand and fight? One thing for sure is that the world always underestimates the persecuted church. Things are just heating up for the Remnant and you are going to want to watch.

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The Shadows Where We Walkshadows cover

“Ethan is just an ordinary teenager until a catastrophic event leaves him caught between two worlds. Dark forces reveal their destructive plans for his friends and family as Ethan is thrown into a supernatural battle for his future- and that of the entire town.”

The Shadows Where We Walk is the debut novel from Clare McIvor and has received rave reviews from readers since its launch in November 2013. A useful tool for youth groups, The Shadows Where We Walk is a modern-day parable that paints a vivid picture of the unseen world and the forces that attempt to sway us. The Shadows Where We Walk is available for purchase here.

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